Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Congratulations Kate & Steve! You won!

Congratulations to unelected ultra-socialist puppet Governor Kate Brown, the Emperor of Harney County, Steve Grasty, and to all the enabling, brown shirt-wearing spineless parasites around them.

May the blood you have spilled forever stain your skin and haunt your dreams. 

You know that rictus you feel tightening across your mouth and the bitter taste that makes you want to spit when you hear the word Nazi?  That's the same feeling this nation will get each time they hear your names now. 

This is your legacy.

I hope all your saber rattling and terrorizing your own people was worth becoming the politically moribund pariahs you have now become.

After today, I hope both of you can still sleep at night and look at yourself in the mirror each morning.  I know I wouldn't be able to.

- End the BLM.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Grasty's “Tireless” Quest Against Endangered Species Listing for Sage-Grouse. Say what?

Grasty-Gate just keeps getting worse. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing and reading his name – but there he is, always in the middle of everything when researching anything regarding Harney County.

I never started out with the intention of 'exposing' Grasty – I'd never heard of him and had no reason to doubt his candor (besides the fact he's a politician who wears several hats in his county and seems to control every facet of the entire region, which is, in itself, worrisome to me,) until it became patently obvious that he was trying to control the narrative of the Malheur Refuge Occupation and deliberately attempting to silence the opinions of his own constituents.  And I wondered why?  Why so much over-reaching control?  Who is this guy?  Is there something to hide in his town, his county? 

Basically, his own behavior – and not that of the BLM, which is no surprise or shock to us here at End the BLM Blog, obviously –  piqued our interest. 

The things we have discovered in the course of our research are disturbing and need to be brought to light so that the people of Harney County can scrutinize their local dictator before he is up for re-election. There are questions that need to be asked of him.

So, let's get right into the heart of why we believe that 'Judge' Grasty is not working in the best interests of the people of Harney County.

It seemed curious to us here at End the BLM Blog, that somebody who looks to be so heavily invested in the conservation and protection of the sage-grouse, and who is on the Burns Sage-Grouse Local Implementation Team would put forth “tireless efforts” to prevent them being listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Those are not our words.  Check out who said it in the image below.

Curiouser and curiouser.

So, we had a little chat with one of out contacts 'in the know' about such matters, and it's all quite simply really. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) does not go far enough for those who are intent on stealing land. The ESA does not actually allow for the wanton taking of private land.

LINK : Endangered Species Act Text –

LINK : Q & A Page on Threatened and Endangered Species at the USFS website –

Agencies like DFW, BLM, etc, are able to restrict your access or use to private land, or to purchase your private land under ESA regulations, but it does not allow them to take your land, or to rezone you out of business because of an ESA listing of a species.

But you can do ALL that on the county level, though. If you want to take land from private owners, if you want to upzone or rezone land, change land uses etc, you have to do that at the local level – the County level.

The ESA would tie the hands of the likes of ODFW and BLM relentlessly working against the people and their private property in Harney County and far beyond.

Remember that Goal 5 funding for 7 counties 'Judge' Grasty got in 2012?  Goal 5 is intricately tied to zoning and land use.

LINK : Department of Land Conservation & Development : Procedure and Requirements for Complying with Goal 5

Oregon's unelected Governor, Kate Brown, appointed after the last radical enviro joker was ousted for his corruption, signed the Adopting the Oregon Sage-Grouse Action Plan and directing state agencies to implement the plan in full by Executive Order.

PDF LINK : Executive Order 15-18 : Adopting the Oregon Sage-Grouse Action Plan and directing state agencies to implement the plan in full
LINK : Oregon Governor's Executive Orders Index

Did Grasty put forth “tireless efforts” against the Sage-Grouse ESA listing in order to 'protect' the private land and businesses from the intrusion of the act? Or did he just throw the people of his county under the bus? Somebody should ask him about the motivation behind those “tireless efforts.”

It just goes to show that just because something sounds like it might be a good idea on the surface, it doesn't necessarily make it so. Always dig. Always question. And Grasty's “tireless efforts” against the listing of the Greater Sage-Grouse on the ESA might just be a prime example.

Oregon State Website –

NOAA Website –

USFS Website –
Oregon Counties Website –

Oregon Secretary of State Archives Website –

Thursday, January 21, 2016

GRASTY & THE GROUSE - Burns Sage-Grouse Local Implementation Team

Earlier this week we reported that Harney County Judge Steven Grasty's brother is a BLM employee.

Since then, we've seen so much in the news of Mr. Grasty throwing his weight about and strutting around like a proud pompous peacock, arrogance oozing from his every pore, we decided to look into just what, exactly, being a 'County Judge' really means in Harney County.

Our conclusion – not much!

It would seem to us that 'Judge' Grasty is no more than a glorified Chair of the Harney County Board of Commissioners, with the title of 'judge' being little more than a vanity epithet. As you can see in the cited text and link below, in Harney County a County Judge only has authority over legal matters pertaining to probate cases, dealing with the estates, wills, etc of deceased persons. He doesn't even have authority over juvenile matters like three other counties.  His other authority comes only from being the Chair of the Commissioners.

The Oregon State Constitution website states

At one time, county courts existed in all 36 Oregon counties. The title “county judge” is retained in some counties as the title of the chair of the board of county commissioners. There is no requirement that county judges be members of the bar.

Where a county judge’s judicial function still exists, it is limited to juvenile and probate matters and occupies only a portion of the judge’s time, which is primarily devoted to nonjudicial administrative responsibilities as a member of the county board.

Now only seven counties, all east of the Cascades, have county judges who retain any judicial authority: Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler (both juvenile and probate jurisdiction); Grant, Harney, and Malheur (probate only); and Morrow (juvenile only).

But Judge Grasty makes rulings on all sorts of cases in his county. Does he really have the authority to rule on the myriad issues he rules on? If the Oregon State Constitution is correct – which we would assume it is – then the answer is a resounding no.

According to the Oregon State Constitution website, Judge Grasty's threat to fine the Malheur Refuge occupiers $70,000 a day for the extra security in Bend and the county at large, is actually unlawful. It is a gross over-stepping of his authority. This is an ethics violation, a violation of his Oath of Office, and a an offense for which he could be recalled.

Article VII, Section 12 of the Oregon State Constitution states -

Jurisdiction of county courts; county commissioners. The County Court shall have the jurisdiction pertaining to Probate Courts, and boards of County Commissioners, and such other powers, and duties, and such civil Jurisdiction, not exceeding the amount or value of five hundred dollars, and such criminal jurisdiction not extending to death or imprisonment in the penitentiary, as may be prescribed by law.—But the Legislative Assembly may provide for the election of Two Commissioners to sit with the County Judge whilst transacting County business, in any, or all of the Counties, or may provide a seperate [sic] board for transacting such business.

During our research we've come across some interesting information regarding Judge Grasty.

In 2011 Judge Grasty received a grant for all 7 sage-grouse counties to update Goal 5 resource planning.  (We're currently trying to find out where the grant came from and how much it was for.)

Grasty's 7-County Grant for Implementation of Sage-Grouse Goal 5

So, that little nugget of information makes it sound like Steve Grasty is some sort of regional coordinator for the BLM and ODFW's massive land grab in order to protect sage-grouse habitat.

Is he? Is that what he is? Is he some sort of seven-county Head Honcho for the BLM and OSFW and their crazy conservation plans, is he in cahoots with the BLM, the agency stealing the land of his very own constituents, throwing them in jail when they refuse to sell their property for conservation projects, deliberately setting private homes on fire and burning cattle alive?

Are the people of the county aware that Judge Grasty received this grant? How much was it for?  What exactly is the definition of Goal 5?  Do the people of Harney County know that he is a member of the Burns Sage-Grouse Local Implementation Team? These are genuine, legitimate questions and Judge Grasty needs to answer them. We'd love it if somebody in Harney County would stand up and ask them, look him in the eye when he answers.

In his own weekly County Court sessions, Judge Grasty has aired his reservations regarding the sage-grouse conservation projects, making all the right noises – he's concerned about the economic consequences it may have on local business, he's worried what it will mean for people's property, etc. Yet, outside the confines of local meetings, in closed-door tete a tetes with ODFW and BLM et al, he is a member of the Burns Sage-Grouse LIT - the Local Implementation Team.

In addition, we've found that Judge Grasty's BLM employee brother is a member of the Vale Sage-Grouse LIT, as you can see in the document and link below.

What does all this mean? We're not sure. But question after question is arising the more we learn about Harney County Judge Steven Grasty. And we have the feeling we've only just scratched the surface.

Oregon State Blue Book -

ODFW - Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Monday, January 18, 2016

BREAKING! Harney County Judge Grasty's Brother is BLM

We've not heard this anywhere else. We came across this information during routine researching into the Hammond Case.

We have discovered that Judge Steven Grasty of Harney County has a brother named Brent Grasty who is a Planning & Environmental Coordinator / GIS Specialist for BLM (the Bureau of Land Management, Vale District.)

Here is the documentation below to support our claims of a family relationship between Steven E. Grasty and Brent L. Grasty. What does this mean? We're not sure! But it isn't something we've heard up until we discovered it, and we have to assume this info is deliberately being kept from the public.

We will update this post if we find further relevant info, such as potential conflicts of interest. We are currently reviewing additional documents.

In the interest of transparency, we'd like to point out that the BLM Vale District office does not cover the Harney County area, but there may be joint management of project areas that cross jurisdictions. 

We've provided screen-shots of the pages as well as links to each page – in our experience, web pages with evidence of anything have a tendency to get flushed down the memory hole at warp-speed from time to time.

Obituary of Scott Grasty -

Scott Grasty – One Great Family Website -


Leadership Directories – Brent Grasty - BLM Employee -

[Cache of Page - Original Page has been removed.]