Monday, September 4, 2017

Sugar Pine Mine Conspiracy - CONFIRMED

Remember back in 2015 when two southern Oregon miners called in the militia to protect their belongings from the Bureau of Land Management after being issued with illegal shut-down orders?

Well, according to a couple of posts on their website, it would appear that the were absolutely justified in doing so, and that they were absolutely right about BLM wanting to shut down their mine. Oh, and steal a piece of very rare antiquated equipment that belongs to them, by legal conveyance.  This means, regardless of what happens to the mine, even if BLM shut it down permanently, there is no way for them to legally take the stamp mill from them.  It would be the equivalent of BLM turning up at your house and deciding they want to steal your car.

Apparently, the Sugar Pine Mine (which is actually one one mine among many that they own,) was slated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, which would more than likely have shut down the mine, regardless of what the lying liar from BLM in the video says.

If you thought you knew just how disgusting and corrupt the BLM are, the extent of this might shock even you.

The website now features two new posts, uploaded in the last couple of weeks or so, whose titles say it all, really.  Click the links below to read two new installments of the Sugar Pine Mine's battle with the lying thieves who call themselves the Bureau of Land Management.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


SB-3A is the new dredge ban bill, sponsored by Senator Peter Courtney and currently before the State Legislature in Oregon. It is the successor to SB 838, the current dredge ban bill which was sponsored by the late Senator Alan Bates, Big Pharma's bitch.

The Oregon Reichstag, which at this juncture are bordering on insurrection against the Federal Government, are attempting to strip citizens of congressionally-granted rights (1872 Mining Act.) They are about to pass this new bill which levies a total ban on all motorized mining, and not just in the Essential Salmon Habitat like the previous Bates bill.

So, who exactly is this Peter Courtney fellow?

Simply put, he's as big a Big Pharma toady as Alan Bates was – and that's really saying something. And don't forget he's beholden to Big Mining, and Big Tobacco too! He even takes money from biotech ghouls like Genentech who, like other Big Pharma companies, utilize aborted fetuses and other human tissue in the research and manufacture of their poisons.

Taking a look at the Senate Campaign Contributions for his campaign filed in 2013, it is riddled with dirty money from Big Pharma (one of the leading causes of death in the US,) biotech companies who utilize aborted fetal tissue to produce vaccines and drugs, a tobacco corporation, Big Mining land rapers who utilize open pits, and a so-called “sustainable waste and energy solutions” corporation with a conviction for polluting!

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Eli Lilly


Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association PAC
CPM Development Corporation

Covanta (Fined $400,000 for Air Pollution)
Oregon League of Conservation Voters PAC

If you really want to know who a politician is, just look at who they take money from. That is who Peter Courtney is. A Renfield. A bower and scraper to deep-pocketed corporations that kill. A hypocrite. He doesn't give a flying fig about keeping the water clean or about fish habitat or any such a thing. He does not believe that a 4” gold dredge does more damage to the environment than a conglomerate mining consortium who move millions of yards of dirt and rocks each year and use chemical leaching processes. Unless he's complete moron, which, of course, is always possible with an Oregon Democrat.

So, what is the objective of this new dredge ban bill? The objective is to kill the small miner. The lone guy who makes his living with a small dredge, or maybe potters around for a few weeks during the summer, and makes no mark whatsoever on the environment. In fact, he probably does more good than harm by removing mercury from our rivers and streams, and other pollutants and hazards like lead lures left behind by the Fish Killers.

But, alas, Enviros, who are obviously a sandwich short of a picnic, believe that returning 2% of the mostly-naturally-occurring mercury that may be lost by the dredge after being sucked up, is better for the environment than removing the other 98%.  They don't recommend dredges for removing mercury because they may lose 2% of it. That's from an actual “scientific” report by the California Water Boards.  So, let's leave 100% of it there instead! Enviro-logic – an oxymoron if there ever was one.

The objective is to take one step closer to shutting down all non-commercial mining and swapping to a leaseable / sellable business model for the land management agencies, state and federal, and annihilating small scale mining. Right now, if a mining claim which is privately held by a miner is abandoned because of this legislation all existing rights will be severed and the claim will then be subject to the new regulations and will be administrated under the new leaseable / sellable model. You will no longer have possessory title to the land. You will have a lease. You will be a renter. And a land agency, probably BLM if you're in Oregon, will be your landlord.

The objective, as always, with politics and the whores who populate it, is money. Is control. Is power.

And if you're reading this and think you don't care about the rights of miners, just remember this – the miners are the only people with a right to do what they do in the woods and on rivers. Everybody else is a permittee or a licensee. You have to pay for a permit to cut wood. You have to pay for a permit to use a boat. You have to pay for a permit to cut a Christmas Tree. You have to pay for licenses to fish and to hunt. You have to pay a fee to camp. If they can eradicate an entire group of people with a congressionally-granted right, just imagine what they can do to everybody else. Including you.


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The Biotech Investor – How to Profit from the Coming Boom in Biotechnology by Tom Abate
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Conventional Medicine is the Leading Cause of Death
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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Allen Dale Mitchell Sr., a 53-year-old former Fire Staff Officer from the Bureau of Land Management Medford District, was arrested on April 3rd in a "tweaker flophouse" as described by Medford PD's Lt. Mike Budreau.

A gang of local criminals and drug addicts took over the beautiful Medford mansion for a period of two weeks and subsequently stole many items from inside the home and several vehicles on the property.  Other assorted criminals visited the property throughout the two weeks and helped themselves to the vacationing family's personal belongings. They also vandalized the up-market home.

The home invasion was discovered when a maintenance man entered and found Mitchell attempting to break into a floor safe.  His accomplice, Tyson Ceideburg, 26, who was also arrested at the scene.

BLM Medford Public Affairs Officer, Jim Whittington, stated that Medford BLM have had no contact with Mitchell since his retirement in 2016.

A further six people have been arrested in connection with the thefts and burglary of the Medford mansion.  All but one of the stolen vehicles, which included a Porsche, have been recovered.

Sources  -

Ex-BLM Fire Officer Accused in Medford Mansion Invasion
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Vagabonds Take Over Medford Mansion While Home Owner Away, 4 Cars Stolen
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Vagabonds, Including Former BLM Officer, Take Over Medford Mansion While Homeowner Away
(KATU News)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Two high-ranking Bureau of Land Management officials - a State Director and his Deputy State Director have been convicted of wire fraud and theft.

The two men, Larry Ray Denny and John Grimson Lyon, who worked for BLM in Virginia received one year in jail and six months in jail respectively.  Denny was also ordered to repay some of the money he stole, aided by his superior, Grimson.

Denny left the employ of BLM in Virginia to work for an Indian tribe in Montana as a consultant, but continued to draw his salary for eight months, and failed to report outside income earned from his consulting job.  He was also paid for sick leave and holidays, all approved by Grimson, who continued to submit hours to the BLM payroll staff on behalf of Denny.

The scheme was uncovered when another employee inquired whether Denny still worked there.  This triggered an Office of the Inspector General complaint and subsequent investigation which led to the indictments of the two men.

Sources -

Senior BLM Official Convicted in Montana for Fraud and Theft


Senior BLM Official Convicted of Fraud and Theft
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Former BLM Worker Sentenced to 1 Year for Fraud

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

FOLLOW THE MONEY - The Malheur Anti-Occupation Counter-Protest

During the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by a group of land use activists led by Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, a so-called "grass-roots" anti-protest protest sprang up at the Refuge and in the nearby town of Burns, Oregon.

But was this really "grass-roots" activism, or was it more synthetic Astroturf protesters-for-hire doing the bidding of their Billionaire benefactor?

Take a look at the infographic below - you will see the main participants in the so-called anti-occupation protest and where some of their funding comes from.  Documented proof for every grant is linked below.

Note : The amounts listed above are AT LEAST, and do not represent the only or sum total of funding received by these organizations from the Wyss Foundation.

Sources / Documentation / Research -

Clinton Foundation Donor Wants His $1.5M Back In Sex Abuse Case by Richard Pollock
(The Daily Caller)

PUBLIC LANDS : Quietly Philanthropic Tycoon Makes His Mark In the West by Phil Taylor

John Podesta : Legacy Maker by Elizabeth Shogren
Pro-Podesta Propaganda / Wyss Funding for High Country News DC Reporter
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UNDUE INFLUENCE : Center for Biological Diversity
(Illustrates connections to Wyss, Olajos, etc.
(Undue Influence)

Legal Troubles for Local Billionaire by Miriam Hill
(The Inquirer)

Marcey Olajos - Great Old Broads for Wilderness Advisory Board
(Green column on right - Advisory Board members)

Center for Biological Diversity : Marcey Olajos, Chair and Kieran Suckling, Executive Director

Wyss Foundation Grant to Great Old Broads for Wilderness - $15,000 (2012 990 Return)

Wyss Foundation  - 2013 990 Return
Grant to Great Old Broads for Wilderness - $90,000
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers - $300,000

Wyss Foundation Grant to Great Old Broads for Wilderness - Recurring annually, $45,000 (Only one year added in the total on the infographic above.  Annual Return not yet availabe for 2015)

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers at the John Day Senior Center Meeting, January 26th, 2016

Kieran Suckling with 'Thank You' sign for the Bundys

Foreign Clinton Donor Made Donations to US Campaigns by Richard Pollock
(The Daily Caller)

Presidential Hopeful Accepted Illegal Campaign Donations by American Liberty Report
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Liberal Activists, Mainstream Media, Law Enforcement Bear Partial Blame for Showdown in Oregon that Led to Death of LaVoy Finicum by Judy Kent (Re: Kieran Suckling's conviction for  Criminal Trespass.)
(National Center for Public Policy Research)

Kieran Suckling Court Record for Criminal Trespass Conviction

The Perfect Storm - The Outdoors Just Got Smaller - and Smaller by John Koleszar
(Western Outdoor Times)

Reference : Kieran Suckling's Shoplifting Arrest

No. 2 CA-CV 2005-0115

Saturday, April 23, 2016


There is a lot of open road traveling between Harney and Grant Co. Doesn’t it seem like an opportunity for law enforcement to stop the occupiers on their way and make some arrests?”   
That question was asked by Grant County Commissioner, Boyd Britton, in a phone conversation with, Brett Brownscombe, Natural Resources Policy Advisor to Acting Oregon Governor, Kate 'Bloodbath' Brown. [Page # 470 of the PDF]

As you will see, Harney County 'Judge' Steve Grasty is in there too, agitating with his old friend Brownscombe. They go back a ways, apparently.  He also knows Britton, personally. He contacted both Britton and Grasty by phone and talked with them about the Burns/Malheur situation.  It would seem Grasty and Britton excelled at working Brownscombe up into a lather.

Commissioner Boyd Britton, apart from his cunning suggestion, almost identical to the actual ambush of the Malheur Occupiers, (just sans bloodbath,)  also decided to stab Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer in the back in a kill-two-birds move, voicing his ill-formed opinion and unfounded concerns about him.  Britton was oh, so troubled, so worried, about Glenn Palmer, and his 'sympathies' with the message and philosophy of the occupiers, apparently.

Just as an aside, anybody who doesn't sympathize with their message is simply ignorant of what goes on in these land management agencies, or has an ulterior motive for their denial.  The crimes they commit are right in our faces, flaunted, celebrated. How can these people not see them?   How can anybody with half a functioning brain think two ranchers deserve to be charged with 'arsonistic terrorism' for a simple back-fire that harmed nothing, no one, and only burned up a few acres of grass?  Has the Oregon government gone insane?  I think the lunatics are running the asylum.
You don't have to agree with the delivery method of the Bundys message, the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, I certainly do not, but I do understand why they did what they did, and I know that their grievances are valid, and important.  I know this from personal experience. 
Commissioner Boyd Britton also said he feared the Bundy Group coming to Grant County and taking over a Forest Service office or the County Courthouse, and Sheriff Palmer not enforcing the law. He also wondered who would have the authority to “take over the Sheriff's duties.”  Of course, Britton actually feared none of this - he was just setting the stage to take down the sheriff.  I do not believe he spoke with candor.

Take a look at Brett Brownscombe's email summary of what Grasty and Britton told him. It was sent to all his buddies in the Governor's office.

Here's the link to the complete PDF of the correspondence to and from the Acting Governor's Office, regarding the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation, in case you haven't seen it yet. There is some interesting reading in there.


How to Search a PDF :
When searching the PDF for what you're looking for, just hit ctrl and F at the same time and type in Britton or Ellmyer or Shufelt (in the little box that will pop up at the bottom left of your screen,) or any other reference you're looking for, and each instance of that word will be highlighted for you.

Pay particular attention, (once you've done reading the Grasty/Britton back-stabbing nonsense,) to the emails from an 'activist' named Richard Ellmyer, who spent weeks sending spam emails and inciting Oregon State and the Federal Government to bring the occupation to a violent end. His tone is goading, inciteful, and inflammatory. Was he was hoping and praying he could make somebody bleed?  Is this man dangerous?  Who might his next victim be?  I'm sure he thinks he is all-powerful now, since the government followed his orders.  I remember a similar bunch of guys who claimed they were just following orders.  Who was their boss, again?  Oh, yes; I remember - the original socialist environmental extremist nutcase. 

Once you're done with Dickie the Blood-Thirsty Agent Provocateur, move on to the melodramas penned by Cara Shufelt, Executive Director for Rural Organizing Project ( a so-called social, racial and economic justice group.  (Sounds like the FSA - Free Shit Army.

She bombarded the Governor's office (and others) with unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, and probable lies about various organizations involved in the occupation and its periphery.  She claimed members of ROP were being harassed and stalked and death-threated by militia.  Evidence?   Not seen any.  Neither has anybody else.
Shufelt enlisted the help of liberal nightmare Barbara Dudley, a professor at Portland State University's Hatfied School of Government, and board member of Oregon Center for Public Policy to get her foot in the door with the Governor's office.  Babs, being involved in lib-lobbying, had an 'in' and sent an email to Brian Shipley, asking for his 'sage advice' on what to do about the horrible, scary militia.  He passed her on to Heidi Moawad, the Acting Gov's Public Safety Policy Advisor.  I'd have passed her on to somebody else too.  Barbara Dudley is a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist,  a registered Oregon Lobbyist and former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA.   A terrifying bio if I ever heard one.

In my opinion, Boyd Britton, Richard Ellmyer, and Cara Shufelt all have blood on their hands.  All of them shoulder part of the responsibility for what happened to a group of peaceful American protesters simply exercising their First Amendment right to speak freely in this country about injustices at the hands of lawless government agencies.  Did I mention she also takes part in the Occupy movement?  Oh, the irony.

Cara Shufelt spends her life supposedly advocating for minorities. Perhaps she should consider this -

I wonder if Miss Shufelt remembers the day of the WTO riots?  Indeed she does - she talks about it often - reminiscing about the day that Freedom of Speech and Civil Disobedience won out and educated the world about the threat of Globalization

The Michigan native attended Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and was an organizer for its Radical Action Group. She claims to have organized more than 10% of the student body to take part in the anti-WTO demonstrations on that memorable November day in 1999.  They marched in protest against Globalization.

It seems strange to me that I could have marched side by side, hand in hand with Miss. Shuflet on that day, united in protest of the Global Elite's World Trade Organization machine, punched the air triumphantly as the conference disintegrated.  But I do not stand with her sending those emails to the governor's office.  They seem to have been one of the catalysts that goaded the US government into murdering a US citizen and incarcerating others.  How could someone fall so far from their own philosophy and principles?  Or do they not extend to the every-day American? Are they not special enough? Are they beneath her? 

Reading through the messages from these agitators it seems clear - all of them seemed to be inciting the state and federal government to carry out the deadly force that was used against peaceful protester LaVoy Finicum.  Are they happy that the others arrested the same day who are now being subjected to inhumane, degrading, cruel treatment and their rights are being abused daily?  Where are the crusaders for social justice now?

If they remain silent on what is happening to their fellow Americans in their own country, they will  lose what modicum of credibility they may have had. Their continued silence will also confirm that they are the money-grabbing, foundation-donation junkies we always though they were, just like their environmentalist counterparts, who stand for and believe in nothing but grantmakers and year-end balances.
I wonder what federal charges could be visited upon these people in the wake of what happened?  At the very least, the families of LaVoy Finicum, the Bundys et al, could file civil suits against all of these people who share at least part of the responsibility for the fatal, brutal outcome of that fateful day.  But they probably won't.  Because they are good, kind people.  They do not hate.  And it won't undo what has been done.  It is permanent. Children are going to grow up without their fathers, grandfathers.  Wives will have to carry on without their husbands.  Families have been torn apart.  Lives devastated. 
If I had contributed to that, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.  I wouldn't be able to face myself in the mirror each day. The guilt would eat me alive.

In public they may boast of their triumph over the domestic terrorists, but deep down, when they are alone, when they are tossing and turning in their bed at night, they know what they did. And they can never wash away the stain LaVoy's blood has left on their hands. It is indelible. Permanent. Forever.

A man is dead and his wife, children, grandchildren are left alone. All because some good men with a sense of justice wanted the government to do their jobs and follow their own laws.  When did this become a crime in America?
-  End the BLM.
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[EDIT : 10/04/2016 - Back Country Hunter & Anglers have moved their STAFF and BOARD OF DIRECTORS pages, making the links of this page come up as error pages.   I  have updated the links with the new URLs.] 

[NOTE: All the people named in this article have put themselves at the forefront of what we believe is a campaign to unseat Sheriff Glenn Palmer. All of them are either in news stories being interviewed, or on public documents, like the DPSST complaints against the sheriff. In putting themselves at the forefront of this onslaught against an incredible human being, they have invited the light of scrutiny. So, I scrutinized. The contents of this article are my findings. I make no apology for exposing what I believe to be the truth. If you are one of the perpetrators of this disgrace, SHAME ON YOU.]

[EDIT : 02/29/2016 - Edited to correct an error.  The below mentioned son of the wannabe sheriff works for ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry,) not USFS.  But in saying that, it changes NOTHING and does not detract one iota from my information.  Actually, it shows ANOTHER agency connection, which, to me, makes it worse and puts a big exclamation point after everything I've said so far!  So, thanks to the irate blog commenter (Miner) for pointing that out - we're interested in nothing but the truth here, so a BIG THANK YOU to you. My error has been corrected, small and insignificant as it was.  It also goes to show that there are WAY TOO MANY agencies doing the same crap, wasting tax-payer money, interfering in people's lives and all with  such similar acronyms - it's difficult to keep them all straight!

I wonder if Miner the 'miner' worked with the wannabe sheriff, back in the day when he had some claims with his parents?  But, if Miner really was a miner he wouldn't have his head shoved so far up the ass of agencies. Unless, of course, he once worked for them too.  He's anonymous, so, can't check that. Obviously not too sure, is he? ]

I read a lot of 'news' articles during my research into the John Day Senior Center public meeting on 26th January. The Ammon Bundy-led group from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation were on their way to that meeting when their vehicles were intercepted, they were arrested, and LaVoy Finicum was shot dead.

Most of the 'journalism' made me want to pluck my own eyes out at the utter bias and near glee of the reporters, and the majority of the attached comments. We know that the mainstream media have talking points, and they write whatever drivel fits their given directive; journalism-by-numbers, if you will. And as for the comments, I've never even seen such vile, venomous, hate-dripping comments in my entire life. You would think they were talking about Hitler or Stalin, maybe Dahmer or Ramirez, not a group of peaceful protesters. It was disgraceful. And it continues.

Totally by chance, I came across something that absolutely stunned me. It will teach you that in this day and age, you can take no one at face-value anymore.

We all need to take a closer look at the people who found, run and work for non-profit corporations, people who are environmental lobbyists and political committee-sitters, those who hold positions in local politics. We must start researching candidates before we put that X in the box. We must be aware of where their funding comes from, who works for them, before we send our hard-earned cash to that non-profit organization. There is absolutely no excuse now for us not vetting all players who enter the political arena, especially on our local level.

I've been looking into the motley crew surrounding what I believe is a deliberate attempt to unseat Glenn Palmer as sheriff of Grant County in the next election by using smear tactics, lies, agents provocateurs, staged “protest,” and Delphi technique assaults on anybody who supports him.

You will see, by virtue of simply connecting a few dots between what might at first seem to be regular local folks exercising their constitutional right to assemble and to free speech, appears to be a staged event involving employees of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge / Forest Service (and their assorted “volunteers” and toadies,) in order to marginalize Sheriff Palmer and publicly shame his supporters into abandoning him.

Firstly, let me tell you something – that will NEVER happen.

We got your six, Sheriff Palmer.

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer stands in the way of several agencies and their agendas. The idea behind his removal would probably be to install a new, more agency-friendly sheriff who would be a puppet for the Forest Service et al, maybe one who has family members who work for them, and a history of working closely with them himself. This would allow such an agency (among others) to resume their aggression and lawlessness against the people of Grant County.

Is there such a person? Who is running for sheriff against Glenn Palmer?  Is there a candidate who has all these connections? A candidate with a grudge and an axe to grind? I couldn't possibly speculate.

What if somebody was running for the position of County Sheriff and did have ties to all those people and agencies, and was actively taking part in an underhanded plan to steal away from the people their last defense against the jack-booted tyranny that is waiting ahead for all of us?

Could you trust somebody who would even consider being a party to something as disgusting and disgraceful as a smear campaign against a beloved sheriff?

Would you vote for that person? Would you want somebody capable of such dirty tricks to be your sheriff?  I should hope not.

I have a belief, based on a ridiculous amount of research and my knowledge of the John Day Meeting, gleaned from news stories, personal accounts from those who were in attendance at the meeting, and research into the backgrounds of those who took part in the “protest.”

I am asking questions and stating a series of facts based on that research, based on what I have been told, based on what I have observed in video and audio of the meeting, based on what I have uncovered about the relationships of all those “protesters” to each other and the Forest Service / Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This is the outcome of that investigation. And it has thrown out some serious questions as to certain people's motives.

I question when I see and hear things that I find jarring, things that stick out like a sore thumb, such as the suspected-provocateur outburst at the meeting in John Day Senior Center.

Sometimes what we observe on the periphery of a situation is more interesting than the main event itself. I was curious about the protest outside; what it was all about, and who some of the people attending it were. What was their agenda? Why do they despise a Sheriff like Glenn Palmer, a fair, constitutional sheriff who ended his contract for deputies with the Forest Service due to many complaints of abuse and aggression against the people of his county? Who on earth are they? Are they radical environmental extremists? Are they government employees? Are they people with a personal grudge against Sheriff Glenn Palmer? These were the questions that arose during my research.

I know none of these people. I have no history with them. I have no personal experience of them. What I present here are simply facts based on gleaning info from publicly available data, freely available on the internet, and most of which they have offered to the public themselves. I did nothing special or out of the ordinary to find this information. 

The whole thing made no sense to me. I figured that the objectors had to have either an agency agenda, or an enviro agenda. There were some obvious speculative answers, but I like evidence, I like proof. I like corroboration and confirmation. Sometimes none of those things are forthcoming. When I can't find any supporting evidence, I do not publish. When I have nothing to corroborate my gut feeling, I do not publish.

I got tips (personally) from several different sources (all of whom attended the meeting,) that most of the protesters were agency-connected. So, naturally, I was curious and felt compelled dig. I never publish anything based on hearsay, but there were so many people talking about it that I had to check it out. Could it possibly be true? I was sure I wouldn't be able to find anything to back those witnesses up. Surely such slick, sophisticated, educated people who are so far above us mere mortals wouldn't put information out in the open, on the internet, that would back up the accusations I'd heard, read, and been told, would they?

Enter something a friend mine calls institutional arrogance.

One particular article I read on The Oregonian rag stated that a woman by the name of Judy Schuette was the organizer of the protest against Sheriff Glenn Palmer and the Malheur Occupation. [Delphi for Dummies – associate your target with something you think is universally viewed as bad.] I used her name as a search term to narrow down articles that were particularly about the meeting and “protest” in John Day, instead of the whole Malheur debacle in general.

You might think she's insignificant. Just some old lady. Until you learn who her husband is. He is Steve Schuette, John Day City Councilor and Council President. And he used to be a senior trooper with OSP's Fish & Wildlife Division.  FWD are the enforcers of the laws, rules and regulations concocted by various state and federal agencies.

PDF LINK for document above -

Another of the protesters was Kay Steele, (AKA Kathleen A Scheurer) a “volunteer” for the USFS at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and who worked for eight years to establish the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a wildlife refuge Non-Profit Corporation. Her husband, Terry Steele, is a “photonaturalist” (a pretentious way of saying nature photographer,) who has delivered presentations to Oregon Natural Desert Association, Audubon Society, USFS, and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge among others. Read Terry and Kay's bios.

Apparently, Terry enjoys watching injured wildlife being captured by predators.

The Steele's may seem largely insignificant on the surface. But could they actually be government contractors? According to, a site that provides "tools and data to help federal government contractors" they may be just that. (Data may be out of date or incomplete. Confirmation of any contracts between the Steeles and the USFS will be FOIA'd.)

We believe the photo above is Kay Steele, the old lady trying to intimidate the rest of the crowd with her camera. Her double-sign demands that the Bundy bunch to Leave now! Take our sheriff with you, and Support Our Elected Commissioners. Well, of course she would say that, wouldn't she? It would be rude not to support the Monarch-like rulers of Eastern Oregon - the Y'alluminati.

A simple search for Judy Schuette, whom The Oregonian proclaimed as the organizer of the “protest” threw out all sorts of other things – like one of Judy Huntley Schuette's Facebook Friends being Valerie Luttrell, one of the useful idiots who submitted a frivolous DPSST complaint against Sheriff Palmer. Another of Judy's bosom buddies is the wife of a certain wannabe Sheriff, a man who is the son of a former USFS employee, the father of a ODF employee, and the uncle of a USFS employee.

[I'm not going to link to this stuff – you can find it easily under their names if you want to look at it – it is all openly available and shared by them on their Facebook pages. I just don't want to drag people's innocent family members and friends into the treachery their relatives have conjured.]
I would also like to remind everybody of the enviros in the corner at the John Day meeting, particularly the one on the left, holding up a piece of cardboard with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers  on it.  The non-profit corporation's board and staff are infested with ex-Forest Service employees. Take a look at the STAFF and BOARD OF DIRECTORS bios.

There are many more names I could drop right now, but I'm not going to. I think what I have published here on this blog is sufficient to cast doubt on the authenticity of the “protest” and the motives of the participants. But that doesn't mean we don't have more treacherous toadies expose.  We do. And we will.  We're on it.

On of the most interesting things I came across were the USFS employee posts in an open forum named THE BIRDING LIST

Using his federal government email address to post, Clark Reames, the Wildlife Program Manager for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, is frustrated that Sheriff Palmer is “...not getting the message.” Pretty sinister sounding. But what does he mean? The message about what?

I'm using a couple of his posts as an example, but you can read all his posts here.

No big deal? He has a right to protest whatever he wants. He's a citizen. The constitution of the United States assures his First Amendment. No problem there.

But then it gets a little bit strange and creepy.

Mr. Reames recounts the story of the fateful night as he gathered with several of his USFS / Malheaur Refuge co-workers and his wife with her "anti-militia sign."  Just as he's about to enter the door of the Senior Center in John Day to attend the public meeting his boss, MNWR Forest Supervisor (also in attendance at the protest,) gets a phone call from the USFS Regional Forester (who I would deduce is Jim Peña, Region 6 Pacific Northwest.) They were instructed not to enter the building. He was then informed that there had been an incident with the Bundy et al, on the road to John Day...

From here, you can just read for yourself so you can see the context, and that I am not being selective with what you see, or taking something out of context. In fact, reading all the posts as a whole, and seeing the complete character and context together, as I did, is far more damning than picking through it for something sensational. I mean, the man longs to have David Ward from Harney County as his sheriff, for the love of God!

You can see how a strong, righteous Constitutional Sheriff doesn't suit these people, can't you?

I interpret the whole tone of the conversations as arrogant and superior. But if you've ever dealt with a federal land agency employee, that will come as no great surprise to you. 

The only thing I am interested in is the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody should want to know the truth, no matter how painful it might be to learn it.

I believe that this group of people are deliberately trying to unseat Sheriff Glenn Palmer. He does not deserve this. This is a gross injustice. But they know their task is impossible without utilizing dirty tricks, intimidation, and lies. That's what we are here for – to expose their lies, expose their dirty tricks.

People of Grant County - do not allow yourselves to be intimidated by these people!  You are strong, smart, good people.  I know you will stand for your sheriff as he has stood for you. He is surrounded by vipers right now. You are his anti-venom.

We here at End the BLM blog will do everything we can to keep shining the light of truth on this Astro-Turf group of usurpers and prevent their plan from coming to fruition.

Blue Mountain Eagle Newspaper -
Terry Steele Nature Photography
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Cliven Bundy, patriarch of the Bundy family who were involved in a Nevada stand-off with the BLM in 2014, and father of Malheur Occupiers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, was "...surrounded by SWAT and detained..." at Portland International Airport, according to the Bundy Ranch Facebook Page.

He was booked in to Multnomah County Jail at 10.54pm

Earlier in the day, the Bundy Ranch Facebook Page posted that a stand-off with the FBI was happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge involving the FBI and the remaining four occupiers, with a link to the audio-only feed

Also posted multiple times, on multiple posts was this message (with several other similar messages) -

I'd like to firmly suggest that you do NOT do this. 

I'd hazard a guess that there are a lot of  Officers Slaughtering Patriots, Federal Blood-thirsty Insurgents, and assorted mercs who are just aching for you to turn up armed so they can refresh the tree of liberty...with your blood.

We're all about questions here, so, here's one - is somebody trying to force a confrontation with a bunch of angry patriot-types in a red, white and blood-bath massacre in order to chill speech and put an end to the spreading what Senator Ron Wyden called a "virus?"

[Just asking, Jason!]

According to the senator, the Malheur Refuge occupation was "a situation where the virus was spreading."

The virus, Senator? 

The virus?

You mean asking questions?

You mean demanding the truth

You mean people asking for the agencies to do their jobs, instead of terrorizing people and stealing from them? 

You mean people expressing their outrage at BLM burning down people's houses, flooding private property, and closing road access to pasture in order to commandeer private land for their business deals and eco-projects?   [Question based on issues raised by locals and occupiers throughout the occupation of the refuge.]

You mean people standing up for the rights of others? 

You mean people calling for the accountability and punishment of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and agencies? 

That "virus?" 

Ooooh, how insurgenty!  How dare they.

- End the BLM.


Gavin Seim YouTube Channel - 02/10/16 FBI Siege, the Call from the Refuge

Bundy Ranch Facebook Page -

Orwell Quote from Pinterest - - Militia at Malheur - "Virus was spreading"

Multnomah County Jail Inmate Roster -


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

John Day Provocateurs – Who's Behind the Sheriff Palmer Smear Campaign?

Nicky Sprauve's letter published yesterday on the Voice of Grant County, Oregon website has gone down the Memory Hole already.  The letter has been removed by request of the writer.  Few have even seen the letter yet.  No other media has reported on the story.  I guess there are some who don't want you to see it.  Click HERE to see the web cache of the bombshell letter.

New info and image added to article.

Edited to correct an error. We are interested in NOTHING but the truth here, but we're human. We sometimes make mistakes.

The Backcountry Hunters & Anglers sound like, well, people who do backcountry-type stuff such as hunting and fishing. You could be excused for thinking that from their name. But are they? Are they really?

At a public meeting in John Day, Grant County, Oregon, where the topic was PEOPLES' RIGHTS and the abuses of over-reaching alphabet agencies like ODFW, BLM and the USFS, who are, at this juncture, bordering on treasonous, it was difficult to miss the contingent in the corner of the room with the PALMER NOT MY SHERIFF sign.  Are these people really locals?  Is somebody actually enraged because Sheriff Palmer is a fair, constitutional sheriff?  Very strange. 

[Yes, sweetheart; we have heard of the Tragedy of the Commons.  Have you?  Have you really?  It's enviro bull at best, anti-humanist, eugenicist crap at worst.  Humans are not evil.  The world is not over populated.  Producing food is not greed.  Grow up!  If you think the world is overpopulated and you agree with Hardin, go get yourself sterilized by one of your Planned Parenthood buddies.  I'm sure you'd actually be doing us all a favor, considering.]

Reading the board and staff members bios, they are a collection of former political toadies, USFS employees and numerous conservation, climate change and radical environmental organizations.  Over the course of 5 years (2009 - 2013) they received almost $2 million in grants - take a look at a random IRS 990 Form PDF and check out all that filthy foundation cash  rolling in from non-profits promoting the climate change myth and the whole unsustainable sustainability mantra.
In 2013 Backcountry Hunters & Anglers received a $100,000 grant from the Hewlett Foundation started by the co-founder or Hewlett-Packard, a company repeatedly fined for environmental crimes and who use copious amounts of materials that are mined and logged to manufacture electronic devices and paper.  The Foundation is reported to be worth over $9 billion.  Yes. Billion. With a B.   That said, in this situation they seem to be of little importance.  More bodies to swell the numbers of cardboard-waving zombies to make it look like they had majority consensus at the meeting.  They did not.
Sheriff Glenn Palmer is one of the last constitutional sheriffs left in this country.  He is a rare commodity.  Our county sheriffs are the last barrier between us and the rapidly approaching police state that grows by the day. Grant County is one of the luckiest counties in the whole country.  Those of you who don't know this now, will surely know it one day.  The hard way, no doubt.

Check out this video of the now-infamous public meeting at John Day on the 26th January,  2016.  Watch the full 2 minutes, but pay particular attention @ 1 minute 4 seconds in...


...and tell me the loud mouthed asshole with the OREGON sweatshirt and the green and white baseball cap yelling questions about Sheriff Palmer entrapping the Bundy bunch isn't a plant. It's transparent and it's pathetic. I'll even go as far as to say it's insulting.

We suspect this chump is a plant.  Is this man an agent provocateur asking the attendees of the meeting...
"Can anybody here say why they were shot? Were they entrapped by the Sheriff of Grant County?”
Interesting choice of words.


Did he have foreknowledge and expect multiple deaths? 

"...the Sheriff of Grant County?" 

Well, they're all in Grant County. Why would he need to deliberately emphasize it? It was a local public meeting. Why not just say sheriff

And hear the deliberateness in his words?  Hear the urgency?  He's getting that statement out no matter what.  He says it several times, making sure everybody in the room has heard him and that it is on tape.  And we suspect the woman behind him is his accomplice also - she's the only one in the room who agrees with him, apparently.

Strange that a sheriff so beloved by the people of his county should all of a sudden have an opponent for this next election - his own former undersheriff Todd McKinley - just two days after calling for the government to release the Hammonds from their ridiculous prison sentences. 
Whoever this bozo is, he's an epic fail. 


This could be being run by anybody - take your pick of orgs and alphabets - but whomever it is, please stop insulting our intelligence by using sub-standard Captain Obvious infiltrators. It is pitiful.  Better luck next time.
And just a little bit of advice - drug addicts, thieves, scum bags, meth dealers, liars, con men, scam artists, pill-poppers, armed robbers, stolen valor bitches, child molesters, and doctor-shoppers are never very reliable. But then again, who else could you get to be a filthy informant selling out and setting up their fellow Americans?

Two days after Sheriff Palmer's public support for the release of the Hammonds, the SHTF, just outside his jurisdiction, and some loud-mouth just happens to throw that little entrapment nugget out there, in public, with absolutely no evidence or even reason to think that.

[ NOTE : The two agents provocateurs at the John Day Meeting have been identified by several independent sources (apart from the locals who commented on this blog,) and I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the identity is correct, however, I am not going to release their names at this point.  I have even deleted the comments on this blog that identifies them.  I have even deleted the abusive comments by their relatives, perhaps themselves, and various trolls - the reactions pretty much confirm that the people who commented on this blog are correct in their identification.   

Due to who they are and their personal histories, I believe that they may have been coerced into doing this. I know that one of the families have been through a great deal in the last couple of years.  I do not wish to bring more suffering to them - I think this one relative has done that sufficiently. I'm sure there is more misery on the way when the whole country knows who took part in this operation to unseat a county sheriff. This is not something to be taken lightly.

I think there are several people involved in this are in the same predicament as the John Day agents provocateurs, people who were forced to play their roles in this calculated, planned event to bring down Sheriff Glenn Palmer. ]
Anybody would think BLM were running the show.  (That means Bureau of Land Management, in case anybody get's their acronyms in a twist.)

Sheriff Palmer did not invite the Bundy bunch to speak, never mind entrap them. The meeting's organizer was Tad Houpt, a local rancher and logger. He invited Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum to address the meeting. The Sheriff was also an invited speaker, but not an organizer. 

Incidentally, Tad Houpt is also the person who invited Sheriff Palmer to lunch during the early days of the Malheur Occupation and omitted the fact that he had invited the Bundy Bunch along for a bite too. 

This interaction was immediately used by a multitude of graduates from the School of Yellow Journalism, from regional and national to international media to try and establish Sheriff Palmer as an 'extremist sympathizer,' and as somebody who approved of the occupation and would likely give them shelter in his county.  This is not the case, it never was, and it never would be.  It was a false narrative perpetrated by The Oregonian rag, along with alluding to Sheriff Palmer turning on the protesters and luring them into a trap.  Nice work, Lyin' Les. 

The same rag were also behind the drive-by photograph snapped of Sheriff Palmer at the Seneca roadblock, a little ways south of John Day, after dark on the day LaVoy Finicum was murdered by OSP (Officers Shooting Patriots,) and the FBI. The photograph was attached to outrageous accusations (posed as an oh, so subtle, smart and sneaky series of questions,) by Lyin' Les the Welfare Rancher's lovely lady wife, Scotta Callister. 

This is a screenshot of the over-so-cunning and impressive Facebook comment Callister made regarding the misleading article by her government-subsidized ranch-hand hubby and the photograph they both used as a weapon against Sheriff Glenn Palmer. 


Just as an aside - they are WORSE than so-called 'welfare ranchers.'  At least they produce food.  Zaitz and Callister are taking Conservation Subsidies from the government for their vacation destination, Boulder Creek Ranch.  They also took part in a Nature Conservancy project that involved their ranch and cost over $620,000.  For some fish.  Yes, fish habitat.  That's some expensive fish habitat. 

And people wonder why this country is failing.  The government is spending BILLIONS on enviro crap every year.  If it's not 'riparian area' upgrades, it's Sue & Settle tactics - the radial environmental parasite group, Center for Biological Diversity has it down to a fine art.  Nice work, if you're a big enough unconscionable greedy bastard to want to steal tens of millions of tax payer dollars.  They are an absolute disgrace, but I grudgingly admire their partisan inhumanity and ruthlessness.  Life would be so much easier being a soulless, heartless shell.

The Center for Biological Diversity jokers were heavily involved in the so-called 'anti-occupation protests,' and organized several. 

There seems to be multiple levels, multiple agencies, and multiple organizations involved in this Psy Op against the American people. There seems to be many insurgent factions within the environmental movement, the land management agencies and other government departments who would just love to see Sheriff Palmer gone – one of the last pro-Second Amendment constitutional sheriffs left in this country.

McKinley and Palmer had a public disagreement when the Sheriff refused to renew a contract for deputies with the USFS because of his fears for the safety of the people in Grant County.  The sheriff was concerned about the amount of reports his office had taken of abuse by USFS and BLM law enforcement. 

Check this newspapers story out from 2011 -

I believe that the truth will come out.  It is my hope that some of these people will do the right thing and come forward, just like this guy did.  I must commend him for what he did coming forward and naming the guilty. He has nothing to gain from doing this and a lot to lose.  I hope his community rallies around him and his family, and gives him the credit he deserves for being brave enough to come forward.  It is not an easy thing to do.  Thank you, sir.

Unfortunately, this is a smear campaign.  I believe thee people are deliberately trying to unseat the Sheriff of Grant County.  I have no doubt about it whatsoever, unfortunately, and I wish I were wrong.  I'm wondering if perhaps similar charges could be brought against some of these people - just like the Malheur Occupiers charges - for interfering with a public official in their duty?  All it would take is one whistleblower to come forward and expose this.  The rest will follow quickly and the innocent-until-proven-guilty will be held up to the light of scrutiny.

- End the BLM.
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