Thursday, February 11, 2016


Cliven Bundy, patriarch of the Bundy family who were involved in a Nevada stand-off with the BLM in 2014, and father of Malheur Occupiers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, was "...surrounded by SWAT and detained..." at Portland International Airport, according to the Bundy Ranch Facebook Page.

He was booked in to Multnomah County Jail at 10.54pm

Earlier in the day, the Bundy Ranch Facebook Page posted that a stand-off with the FBI was happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge involving the FBI and the remaining four occupiers, with a link to the audio-only feed

Also posted multiple times, on multiple posts was this message (with several other similar messages) -

I'd like to firmly suggest that you do NOT do this. 

I'd hazard a guess that there are a lot of  Officers Slaughtering Patriots, Federal Blood-thirsty Insurgents, and assorted mercs who are just aching for you to turn up armed so they can refresh the tree of liberty...with your blood.

We're all about questions here, so, here's one - is somebody trying to force a confrontation with a bunch of angry patriot-types in a red, white and blood-bath massacre in order to chill speech and put an end to the spreading what Senator Ron Wyden called a "virus?"

[Just asking, Jason!]

According to the senator, the Malheur Refuge occupation was "a situation where the virus was spreading."

The virus, Senator? 

The virus?

You mean asking questions?

You mean demanding the truth

You mean people asking for the agencies to do their jobs, instead of terrorizing people and stealing from them? 

You mean people expressing their outrage at BLM burning down people's houses, flooding private property, and closing road access to pasture in order to commandeer private land for their business deals and eco-projects?   [Question based on issues raised by locals and occupiers throughout the occupation of the refuge.]

You mean people standing up for the rights of others? 

You mean people calling for the accountability and punishment of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and agencies? 

That "virus?" 

Ooooh, how insurgenty!  How dare they.

- End the BLM.


Gavin Seim YouTube Channel - 02/10/16 FBI Siege, the Call from the Refuge

Bundy Ranch Facebook Page -

Orwell Quote from Pinterest - - Militia at Malheur - "Virus was spreading"

Multnomah County Jail Inmate Roster -


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