Saturday, April 15, 2017


Allen Dale Mitchell Sr., a 53-year-old former Fire Staff Officer from the Bureau of Land Management Medford District, was arrested on April 3rd in a "tweaker flophouse" as described by Medford PD's Lt. Mike Budreau.

A gang of local criminals and drug addicts took over the beautiful Medford mansion for a period of two weeks and subsequently stole many items from inside the home and several vehicles on the property.  Other assorted criminals visited the property throughout the two weeks and helped themselves to the vacationing family's personal belongings. They also vandalized the up-market home.

The home invasion was discovered when a maintenance man entered and found Mitchell attempting to break into a floor safe.  His accomplice, Tyson Ceideburg, 26, who was also arrested at the scene.

BLM Medford Public Affairs Officer, Jim Whittington, stated that Medford BLM have had no contact with Mitchell since his retirement in 2016.

A further six people have been arrested in connection with the thefts and burglary of the Medford mansion.  All but one of the stolen vehicles, which included a Porsche, have been recovered.

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