Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Two high-ranking Bureau of Land Management officials - a State Director and his Deputy State Director have been convicted of wire fraud and theft.

The two men, Larry Ray Denny and John Grimson Lyon, who worked for BLM in Virginia received one year in jail and six months in jail respectively.  Denny was also ordered to repay some of the money he stole, aided by his superior, Grimson.

Denny left the employ of BLM in Virginia to work for an Indian tribe in Montana as a consultant, but continued to draw his salary for eight months, and failed to report outside income earned from his consulting job.  He was also paid for sick leave and holidays, all approved by Grimson, who continued to submit hours to the BLM payroll staff on behalf of Denny.

The scheme was uncovered when another employee inquired whether Denny still worked there.  This triggered an Office of the Inspector General complaint and subsequent investigation which led to the indictments of the two men.

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