Wednesday, April 19, 2017


SB-3A is the new dredge ban bill, sponsored by Senator Peter Courtney and currently before the State Legislature in Oregon. It is the successor to SB 838, the current dredge ban bill which was sponsored by the late Senator Alan Bates, Big Pharma's bitch.

The Oregon Reichstag, which at this juncture are bordering on insurrection against the Federal Government, are attempting to strip citizens of congressionally-granted rights (1872 Mining Act.) They are about to pass this new bill which levies a total ban on all motorized mining, and not just in the Essential Salmon Habitat like the previous Bates bill.

So, who exactly is this Peter Courtney fellow?

Simply put, he's as big a Big Pharma toady as Alan Bates was – and that's really saying something. And don't forget he's beholden to Big Mining, and Big Tobacco too! He even takes money from biotech ghouls like Genentech who, like other Big Pharma companies, utilize aborted fetuses and other human tissue in the research and manufacture of their poisons.

Taking a look at the Senate Campaign Contributions for his campaign filed in 2013, it is riddled with dirty money from Big Pharma (one of the leading causes of death in the US,) biotech companies who utilize aborted fetal tissue to produce vaccines and drugs, a tobacco corporation, Big Mining land rapers who utilize open pits, and a so-called “sustainable waste and energy solutions” corporation with a conviction for polluting!

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Eli Lilly


Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association PAC
CPM Development Corporation

Covanta (Fined $400,000 for Air Pollution)
Oregon League of Conservation Voters PAC

If you really want to know who a politician is, just look at who they take money from. That is who Peter Courtney is. A Renfield. A bower and scraper to deep-pocketed corporations that kill. A hypocrite. He doesn't give a flying fig about keeping the water clean or about fish habitat or any such a thing. He does not believe that a 4” gold dredge does more damage to the environment than a conglomerate mining consortium who move millions of yards of dirt and rocks each year and use chemical leaching processes. Unless he's complete moron, which, of course, is always possible with an Oregon Democrat.

So, what is the objective of this new dredge ban bill? The objective is to kill the small miner. The lone guy who makes his living with a small dredge, or maybe potters around for a few weeks during the summer, and makes no mark whatsoever on the environment. In fact, he probably does more good than harm by removing mercury from our rivers and streams, and other pollutants and hazards like lead lures left behind by the Fish Killers.

But, alas, Enviros, who are obviously a sandwich short of a picnic, believe that returning 2% of the mostly-naturally-occurring mercury that may be lost by the dredge after being sucked up, is better for the environment than removing the other 98%.  They don't recommend dredges for removing mercury because they may lose 2% of it. That's from an actual “scientific” report by the California Water Boards.  So, let's leave 100% of it there instead! Enviro-logic – an oxymoron if there ever was one.

The objective is to take one step closer to shutting down all non-commercial mining and swapping to a leaseable / sellable business model for the land management agencies, state and federal, and annihilating small scale mining. Right now, if a mining claim which is privately held by a miner is abandoned because of this legislation all existing rights will be severed and the claim will then be subject to the new regulations and will be administrated under the new leaseable / sellable model. You will no longer have possessory title to the land. You will have a lease. You will be a renter. And a land agency, probably BLM if you're in Oregon, will be your landlord.

The objective, as always, with politics and the whores who populate it, is money. Is control. Is power.

And if you're reading this and think you don't care about the rights of miners, just remember this – the miners are the only people with a right to do what they do in the woods and on rivers. Everybody else is a permittee or a licensee. You have to pay for a permit to cut wood. You have to pay for a permit to use a boat. You have to pay for a permit to cut a Christmas Tree. You have to pay for licenses to fish and to hunt. You have to pay a fee to camp. If they can eradicate an entire group of people with a congressionally-granted right, just imagine what they can do to everybody else. Including you.


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