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There is a lot of open road traveling between Harney and Grant Co. Doesn’t it seem like an opportunity for law enforcement to stop the occupiers on their way and make some arrests?”   
That question was asked by Grant County Commissioner, Boyd Britton, in a phone conversation with, Brett Brownscombe, Natural Resources Policy Advisor to Acting Oregon Governor, Kate 'Bloodbath' Brown. [Page # 470 of the PDF]

As you will see, Harney County 'Judge' Steve Grasty is in there too, agitating with his old friend Brownscombe. They go back a ways, apparently.  He also knows Britton, personally. He contacted both Britton and Grasty by phone and talked with them about the Burns/Malheur situation.  It would seem Grasty and Britton excelled at working Brownscombe up into a lather.

Commissioner Boyd Britton, apart from his cunning suggestion, almost identical to the actual ambush of the Malheur Occupiers, (just sans bloodbath,)  also decided to stab Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer in the back in a kill-two-birds move, voicing his ill-formed opinion and unfounded concerns about him.  Britton was oh, so troubled, so worried, about Glenn Palmer, and his 'sympathies' with the message and philosophy of the occupiers, apparently.

Just as an aside, anybody who doesn't sympathize with their message is simply ignorant of what goes on in these land management agencies, or has an ulterior motive for their denial.  The crimes they commit are right in our faces, flaunted, celebrated. How can these people not see them?   How can anybody with half a functioning brain think two ranchers deserve to be charged with 'arsonistic terrorism' for a simple back-fire that harmed nothing, no one, and only burned up a few acres of grass?  Has the Oregon government gone insane?  I think the lunatics are running the asylum.
You don't have to agree with the delivery method of the Bundys message, the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, I certainly do not, but I do understand why they did what they did, and I know that their grievances are valid, and important.  I know this from personal experience. 
Commissioner Boyd Britton also said he feared the Bundy Group coming to Grant County and taking over a Forest Service office or the County Courthouse, and Sheriff Palmer not enforcing the law. He also wondered who would have the authority to “take over the Sheriff's duties.”  Of course, Britton actually feared none of this - he was just setting the stage to take down the sheriff.  I do not believe he spoke with candor.

Take a look at Brett Brownscombe's email summary of what Grasty and Britton told him. It was sent to all his buddies in the Governor's office.

Here's the link to the complete PDF of the correspondence to and from the Acting Governor's Office, regarding the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation, in case you haven't seen it yet. There is some interesting reading in there.


How to Search a PDF :
When searching the PDF for what you're looking for, just hit ctrl and F at the same time and type in Britton or Ellmyer or Shufelt (in the little box that will pop up at the bottom left of your screen,) or any other reference you're looking for, and each instance of that word will be highlighted for you.

Pay particular attention, (once you've done reading the Grasty/Britton back-stabbing nonsense,) to the emails from an 'activist' named Richard Ellmyer, who spent weeks sending spam emails and inciting Oregon State and the Federal Government to bring the occupation to a violent end. His tone is goading, inciteful, and inflammatory. Was he was hoping and praying he could make somebody bleed?  Is this man dangerous?  Who might his next victim be?  I'm sure he thinks he is all-powerful now, since the government followed his orders.  I remember a similar bunch of guys who claimed they were just following orders.  Who was their boss, again?  Oh, yes; I remember - the original socialist environmental extremist nutcase. 

Once you're done with Dickie the Blood-Thirsty Agent Provocateur, move on to the melodramas penned by Cara Shufelt, Executive Director for Rural Organizing Project ( a so-called social, racial and economic justice group.  (Sounds like the FSA - Free Shit Army.

She bombarded the Governor's office (and others) with unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, and probable lies about various organizations involved in the occupation and its periphery.  She claimed members of ROP were being harassed and stalked and death-threated by militia.  Evidence?   Not seen any.  Neither has anybody else.
Shufelt enlisted the help of liberal nightmare Barbara Dudley, a professor at Portland State University's Hatfied School of Government, and board member of Oregon Center for Public Policy to get her foot in the door with the Governor's office.  Babs, being involved in lib-lobbying, had an 'in' and sent an email to Brian Shipley, asking for his 'sage advice' on what to do about the horrible, scary militia.  He passed her on to Heidi Moawad, the Acting Gov's Public Safety Policy Advisor.  I'd have passed her on to somebody else too.  Barbara Dudley is a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist,  a registered Oregon Lobbyist and former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA.   A terrifying bio if I ever heard one.

In my opinion, Boyd Britton, Richard Ellmyer, and Cara Shufelt all have blood on their hands.  All of them shoulder part of the responsibility for what happened to a group of peaceful American protesters simply exercising their First Amendment right to speak freely in this country about injustices at the hands of lawless government agencies.  Did I mention she also takes part in the Occupy movement?  Oh, the irony.

Cara Shufelt spends her life supposedly advocating for minorities. Perhaps she should consider this -

I wonder if Miss Shufelt remembers the day of the WTO riots?  Indeed she does - she talks about it often - reminiscing about the day that Freedom of Speech and Civil Disobedience won out and educated the world about the threat of Globalization

The Michigan native attended Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and was an organizer for its Radical Action Group. She claims to have organized more than 10% of the student body to take part in the anti-WTO demonstrations on that memorable November day in 1999.  They marched in protest against Globalization.

It seems strange to me that I could have marched side by side, hand in hand with Miss. Shuflet on that day, united in protest of the Global Elite's World Trade Organization machine, punched the air triumphantly as the conference disintegrated.  But I do not stand with her sending those emails to the governor's office.  They seem to have been one of the catalysts that goaded the US government into murdering a US citizen and incarcerating others.  How could someone fall so far from their own philosophy and principles?  Or do they not extend to the every-day American? Are they not special enough? Are they beneath her? 

Reading through the messages from these agitators it seems clear - all of them seemed to be inciting the state and federal government to carry out the deadly force that was used against peaceful protester LaVoy Finicum.  Are they happy that the others arrested the same day who are now being subjected to inhumane, degrading, cruel treatment and their rights are being abused daily?  Where are the crusaders for social justice now?

If they remain silent on what is happening to their fellow Americans in their own country, they will  lose what modicum of credibility they may have had. Their continued silence will also confirm that they are the money-grabbing, foundation-donation junkies we always though they were, just like their environmentalist counterparts, who stand for and believe in nothing but grantmakers and year-end balances.
I wonder what federal charges could be visited upon these people in the wake of what happened?  At the very least, the families of LaVoy Finicum, the Bundys et al, could file civil suits against all of these people who share at least part of the responsibility for the fatal, brutal outcome of that fateful day.  But they probably won't.  Because they are good, kind people.  They do not hate.  And it won't undo what has been done.  It is permanent. Children are going to grow up without their fathers, grandfathers.  Wives will have to carry on without their husbands.  Families have been torn apart.  Lives devastated. 
If I had contributed to that, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.  I wouldn't be able to face myself in the mirror each day. The guilt would eat me alive.

In public they may boast of their triumph over the domestic terrorists, but deep down, when they are alone, when they are tossing and turning in their bed at night, they know what they did. And they can never wash away the stain LaVoy's blood has left on their hands. It is indelible. Permanent. Forever.

A man is dead and his wife, children, grandchildren are left alone. All because some good men with a sense of justice wanted the government to do their jobs and follow their own laws.  When did this become a crime in America?
-  End the BLM.
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